World of Smurfcraft

My friend John has been telling me some of the exciting changes that have been made to the World of Warcraft game. Now, I stopped playing WoW some time ago and I’m not really interesting in getting back into it, but I do respect the amount of work the game developers put into keeping that game fresh.

Ironically, my wife has recently become obsessed with the Smurfs’ Village – Beeline Interactive, Inc.. It’s ironic because my wife gave me such a hard time when I was playing WoW and made fun of me for playing Farmville on Facebook when it first came out. Well, since I bought her an iPhone, she’s been totally obsessing about these crazy Smurfs. She was up until 1:30 AM waiting for a virtual watermelon to ripen.

I don’t think she would be interested if it wasn’t about Smurfs. My wife loves Smurfs. I think she also likes the Snorks, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m not sure why she loves the Smurfs. Maybe she longs for a simple and magical existence in an enchanted forest where everyone you know can be described with a single adjective, or maybe she just likes the idea of being the only woman in a village filled with men who fawn over her and bring her gifts. I don’t think either of those reasons really apply. I think she just likes Smurfs.

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  1. haha i remember when I had that! defo hooked as well, but i just speed it up by changing the date and time.

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