Why I Blog – I’ve been tagged

I was tagged by Jeff. Yes, I tagged myself. Shut up.

  1. I have a plan that will soon be revealed.
  2. Blogging gives me an opportunity to connect with some really cool people.
  3. This blog helps me keep on top of my fight with depression. It’s a constant battle for me.
  4. I have discovered that I really enjoy writing.
  5. Blogging is one of the few creative outlets that I still can fit into my day.
  6. This blog has gotten me more involved in the gaming community.
  7. I like adding my voice and opinion.
  8. I still think there’s a way to make a difference through blogging. I just haven’t figured it out yet.
  9. Blogging encourages me to learn about new things.
  10. I never managed to get into a reality television show.

I have tagged Destructo. Shut up.