Visit the Purple Pawn

Yehuda Berlinger has recently founded a new gaming new site called Purple Pawn.

According to its authors,

Purple Pawn is your one-stop source for all tabletop game news, industry information, and media coverage.

Unlike other tabletop news sources, we don’t believe in covering only one game genre. We cover traditional and classic board and card games, Euro games, war games, CCGs, RPGs, pen and paper games, party games, and electronic versions of all of these.

This is a great site to include in your RSS reader. The content is well written and presented in a format that reminds me of Lifehacker, which is one of my favorite sites on the web. You get a short analysis of a game related news item and a link to the original source for more information. You can focus on the items that interest you and skip over the rest.

Love the site. Confused about the name. Go check it out.