Thurn and Taxis Month

It’s time for a new Game of the Month here at Play2Relax and for the rest of July I would like to spend some quality time with the 2006 Spiel des Jahres winner, Thurn and Taxis.

Designed by Karen and Andreas Seyfarth, Thurn and Taxis simulates all of the nail-biting excitement and thrills of the expansion of the German postal service in the 17th century. Seriously.

I’ve played Thurn and Taxis a few times, but I usually get my butt kicked. Maybe with a little practice, I can successfully challenge my buddy Mark Johnson online at We played a game early last month and he crushed me like a bug, so I need to level up a bit before I can take him.

Your goal is to build delivery routes by collecting and playing cards that correspond to major cities. You earn points according the the number of adjacent cities in your route, and you place a certain number of city markers each time you complete a route. You can earn additional points by having markers that cover an entire region or by having markers in all regions. You can also take advantage of one of several advisors that can help you manipulate your card choices, play additional cards, draw additional cards, or increase your route score.

That’s all for now. Play a few games of Thurn and Taxis this month and then report back with your thoughts and strategies.