Thoughts from Blog World 2007

I just got back from Las Vegas a few days ago, where I attended the Blog World & New Media Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

I had a great time at the expo, and feel like I walked away with a good deal of information. I’m still very new to blogging, so much of what was offered wasn’t applicable to me or my blogs; however, there was an entire strand of sessions geared toward the beginner. I also talked to some great people at the exhibitor hall, and walked away with four free t-shirts, a stack of magazines, a deck of business cards, and some new friends.

The expo was a real eye-opener for me in many ways, and the things I learned will slowly start to be evident in this blog, as well as my other blogs. Look for changes soon.

There were a few highlights worth mentioning. I got to talk to Robyn Tippins after she presented at the workshop on social media. She is a moderator/author at MyBlogLog and has a great site for bloggers at Practical Blogging. She’s extremely personable, knowledgeable, and eager to help.

I attended a great workshop on Finding Your Voice, which I thought was about blogging, but ended up being about podcasting. David Lawrence was a funny and dynamic speaker. Anyone who mentions Objectivism and the Showtime show Dexter in the same ten minutes definitely has my attention. By the end of the workshop, I was excited about trying a podcast. Another one of the panelists was Jurgen Wolff who is the author of Your Writing Coach. Jurgen was very nice and took some time to chat with me afterwards.

I also had a great time talking to Dave Nalle, who is the politics editor at Blog Critics Magazine. He’s a gamer like myself, and has previously developed his own games. He’s a super smart guy and yet very down to earth. He also has his own font design company.

All in all, I had a great time at Blog World and plan on attending again next year. I will never ever stay at the Circus Circus again, however. I spent all my free time at the Hilton near or inside the Star Trek Experience anyway, since I am a major geek, so I should just stay there next time.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts from Blog World 2007”

  1. Glad you liked the ‘finding your voice’ session. It was clear that many of the bloggers/podcasters were very interested in monetizing what they do. I’m thinking of proposing a session for next year on re-purposing blog and podcast content (e.g., into book form). If you or your readers have ideas on topics that would be useful, I’d love to hear them.

  2. @Jurgen – While I’m not opposed to making some money, I have come to realize that I just enjoy writing. What you had to say at the session, and what I read later in your handout was very helpful. I feel like I have found my voice at, but this site is still coming together for me.

    I would be interested in a session with just you talking about your book, and about some of the ways we can effectively deal with those times of creative famine (and times of plenty.)

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