The Zen of Game Prep

Gamers do a number of things that non-gamers just don’t understand.

Last night I spent at least 116 minutes separating the 345 small wooden blocks that come with Command and Colors: Ancients. I know this because my wife and I were watching The Bourne Ultimatum while I was doing it.

My wife couldn’t understand why it didn’t bother me that I had to do so much preparation in order to play the game. We gamers are an odd lot about things like that. It relaxing to me to go through a game and apply stickers or to spend a few evenings painting miniatures. There is something very relaxing about that kind of careful work.

I got to play Command and Colors: Ancients for the first time about a month ago, and I really enjoyed it. My friend Mike from our weekly gaming group did a great job of teaching me how to play. It’s a great wargame with enough depth to make it really enjoyable, but with a nice mix of luck and streamlined game mechanics to make a scenario playable within an hour or so.

Command and Colors: Ancients is available from Funagain Games.

1 thought on “The Zen of Game Prep”

  1. Your not alone. My husband doesn’t undestand why I try to do a full sketch of my character with each game that I play.

    He’d rather just give a description and be done with it. I personally want fellow players to see the person they are interacting with.

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