The Hamburger Saga Continues

It’s been over two weeks now since my son, Ben, lost his favorite toy. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, and to be honest, he was upset and then quickly moved on to other things. However, I really wanted to get him another toy hamburger. Yes, it was a toy hamburger. If you need to be caught up on this situation, feel free to visit the original post, Some Toys Are Special. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Gameguys whistles quietly to himself for a moment.

Okay, so now here is the update to the Cheese-o-saur situation.I immediately went to eBay and found a surprisingly expensive ($10 with shipping) replacement hamburger, which ended up being the wrong type of happy meal transforming cheeseburger. Who knew that there would be more than one? Then after I had fully researched the history of the happy meal and the specific type of transforming hamburger, I won another auction for an entire set of these crazy happy meal toys that includes two cheese-o-saurs (another $10). Well, this has yet to be delivered even though it was shipped over a week ago. I ship stuff all the time and it doesn’t usually take more than week for a small package to cross a couple of states. Ugh.

Ben could care less at this point. He’s playing with a plastic sea star and blowfish that I bought him on our last few trips to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I care though. I just want to be able to hand him this silly hamburger that he loved so much, so that in some odd way he will know how much I love him.