Tabletop Day 2017

Today is Tabletop day and I am excited to once again be spending the day here at my wonderful FLGS here in sunny Fresno, California. The Crazy Squirrel was where I spent the very first Tabletop Day back in 2013. The Squirrel is filled to capacity today with gamers of all ages and experience. I know the folks at Geek and Sundry like to refer to it as International Tabletop Day, but that seems like calling a pancake house international to make it seem extra special.

If you were watching the Geek and Sundry live Twitch feed today, you may have seen us here at the Squirrel, moving our little wooden cubes about, rolling dice, and generally just having a wonderful time hanging out with good people, but even more important was that you got to see the Jen, the owner, talk about all things Squirrel and wonderful. Hooray for the Crazy Squirrel!

I started my day with Karuba, a very fun tile laying exploration game by Rudiger Dorn. It’s a great family game and was one of the finalist for last year’s Spiel des Jahres. Next, I played Pandemic Iberia, a slightly different flavor of that disease infested bit of brilliance by designer, Matt Leacock. This was the first time that I had played it, and I did enjoy how the location and time period influenced the flow of the epidemics and how players moved around the map. Yes, we all died, screw you for asking. The real surprise of the day was Catacombs, which is a disc flicking game that I had sworn off of years ago. This newest version has some wonderful new art and I had a great time in spite of my flicking failures. We defeated the evil wizard but only at the sacrifice of our courageous chicken warrior.

We finished out our day playing a few rounds of Two Rooms and a Boom, a social deduction game. My son liked this one especially. It’s probably my favorite of this genre of game. I think we had anywhere from twelve to sixteen players. Lot’s of fun!

I hope you had a great day wherever you were, and that you got to play some games. Events like these are great for bringing people together and for bringing new people into this great hobby.