Swimming Pool Games and Activities

It’s about a zillion degrees here on this festive holiday. We will be spending some time with friends who throw an annual Independence Day pool party, so I thought it might be fun to talk about some swimming pool games and activities. Usually, I end up in a pool filled with kids armed with water guns and swim noodles, and their favorite game is to attack the adult. I thought this year I might look for some games that the kids could play in the pool. I know the rules for the old favorites Chicken Fight and Marco Polo. Wikipedia also had a rather wacky entry for the game Sharks and Minnows, which was not a familiar game for me, but sounds interesting, if not dangerous.

There are some other interesting games to be found on the web. While searching for some other swimming pool activities, I found these waterproof playing cards at toysplash.com. What a great idea! I want some of those! I found Swimming Pool Games was a collection of games submitted by their readers. My favorite game listed there was called “Chicken.” Here are the rules:

Nominate someone to be the leader, who then has to do something funny like a funny walk or an impression of someone, then they jump into the pool anyway they want. The other players then have to follow and copy what the leader did. If they get part of it wrong they get given a C of the word CHICKEN. This happens each time until they have collected all the letters that spell CHICKEN.

Players can also decide to chicken out on a particular go to avoid getting a letter. But show that they have chickened out by doing the chicken dance, say “Bok, Bok” and then jump in the pool. Players may only chicken out 5 times.

You can make the game easy, medium, or hard:-

EASY- Players don’t have to do it exact and can chicken out as many times as you want.

MEDIUM- Players have to copy the main idea and can chicken out 5 times.

HARD- Players have to copy the leaders movements exactly and can only chicken out 2 times.

Be sure and keep and eye on your kids in the pool and during the fireworks. As I had mentioned in an earlier post about Sparklers, it’s a good idea to have the kids wear some shoes so that they don’t step on anything hot. Have fun and have a great 4th of July!