Surf Party – July 19, 2007

Surf’s up! Every so often here at Play2Relax, I will be having a Surf Party to share some cool links I’ve found. Today’s surf party is all about stress! So grab a board and let’s hit the waves!

I spent some time looking around the stress section over at and I have mixed feelings about the site. Yes, there is a lot of information and good advice, but the layout of the site is so twisty and difficult to follow that I actually get stressed out just looking at the page. It defeats the purpose of the visit really.

One of the sites I discovered while I was fighting the headache from was this wacky site called The site is quirky and amusing. There are some great stress relief activities like Meditation Flowers. (You need to have a microphone for this to work.) The make your own flower activity was fun. It requires a little bit of practice, but you can make some great images and create your own garden.

There is a little flash game called Paintball from the MiniClip site. It’s one of those free flash animation games, but it’s easy and fun. You shoot a paintball gun at these little smiley face stress balls that appear in an office.

There is a nice stress survey you can take from a site at the Ohio State Medical Center. My stress level was a 28 so I expect to be hit by a tranquilizer dart any moment now.

I was looking for some stress relief games, but so many of them involved shooting people or beating things with a stick that I got discouraged and gave up. Hey, if shooting people or beating things with a stick makes you feel better that’s fine for you, but don’t expect me to invite you over for a barbecue.