Surf Party – August 18, 2007

Surf’s up! This week’s surf safari is all about drawing games, or any game that involves the creation of some type of graphic. A game like Scribble is a perfect example of a drawing game. It’s a simple connect-the-dots activity, and once you get a feel for it, you can really finish the designs quickly. It’s not much of a game though.

Perhaps I am easily amused, but I thought that Line Rider was fun. You use the pencil to create an environment for a little cartoon guy on a sled. Go ahead and make the slopes bumpy. He crashes well.

Here is an amazingly addictive game called Paintball the Game. This quirky little game is a lot of fun. You have to use the paint tool to create bumpers or barriers for the bouncing ball to collide with and force it toward a square goal. Try this game. You will probably like it a lot.

Scribble, which is a different game by the same name, is a drawing game that gives you a magic marker that allows you to create walls, ramps, and stairs for a group of cartoon creatures that will walk into trouble if you don’t help them. I liked this game as well. It’s much more difficult than it initially appears to be.