Surf Party – August 11, 2007

Surf’s up! Saturday is surf day here at play2relax, and today’s surf party is all about really stupid online games. Games that are just plain wrong for one reason or another, whether they are gross, offensive, violent, or just plain stupid. It was actually quite fun looking for these. Ah, the internet is a wonderful thing.

The first really horrible game is called Stick Stress Relief and was the reason this surf party went from being about more ways to beat stress to being about really stupid online games. This fine piece of work is seriously the most disturbing little game I’ve ever seen. You choose from three weapons and kill stick figure people who die in a bloody mess. Haven’t these people seen Tron????

This next little gem was obviously meant to teach some kind of lesson, but if you take a look at Stress Buster, you have to wonder what in the world that lesson is supposed to be. Maybe the lesson is that you should get out of the junk-yard so that all that stuff isn’t falling on your head. What in the world is this about? Can someone tell me?

Now this is by far yuckiest game of the lot. In this little bit of digital weirdness, called Acne Be Gone, the idea is to pop all of the pimples on this guys face before the timer runs out. No, really, I’m not joking. It’s disgusting and just plain wrong in so many ways.

The next two games can actually be grouped together in their oddness. Feed the Pig is a game where you have to feed a pig food items on a conveyor belt until he’s so fat he explodes. Honestly, that’s how you win. While nobody explodes in Feed the Model, the idea is the same. You throw food at the anorexic super-model until you run out of time.

The Britney Spears Makeover activity is odd for many reasons. Why does this exist? If they really wanted to make this into a game, then you should be able to make her mascara run down her face as she tearfully tries to explain her irrational behavior to Larry King.

The last stupid and disgusting game is called Pigeon’s Revenge and I have to admit that this made me laugh out loud. I may actually keep this one bookmarked for easy retrieval on bad days. In the game, you are a pigeon on a ledge and… well, just play it.