Summer vacation stress

It’s the first day of summer, and most kids have been out of school long enough to have some expectations of their summer break. (The first three or four days are spent in a happy meta-cognitive haze of constant self-reminders of what they would be doing right this moment if they were at school.) For many folks, summer is the only workable time for the great family vacation, which is often just slightly less stressful for parents than a tax audit. Remember, once you’re back from visiting the world’s largest ball of string, you may need to take a little break, relax, and unwind. I just read a great post by Adrian Savage over at He describes some guidelines for a personal stress detox program. Here are a few examples…

Get plenty of sleep. Most people are chronically sleep-deprived. Make sure you can have 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at might. Maybe throw in a few siestas as well.
Accept how things are. Don’t try to imagine the perfect vacation. Don’t judge it against any preset ideas, or against past vacations, or against other people’s ideas of how it should be. Just accept whatever comes.
Don’t watch TV. None. If you want to watch a film, make sure it’s the kind you get on a special channel, not one on a regular network. Let the world look after itself. No checking up on the stockmarket either.

Going on a vacation can be so stressful. I know that seems silly, but how often have you been stressed out of your mind getting ready for a vacation, and can’t wait to get home once you’re there? Check out these suggestions before you drive the RV off the edge of the Grand Canyon. Relax and have fun.