Stress Wins

Things are particularly stressful in the gameguy household right now. I can feel it right now in my upper back like an evil winged monkey is tugging on the muscles, pulling them together. My personal definition of stress is the amount of punishment an object can endure before breaking. I know from experience that I am not going to break, but it doesn’t make it much easier. Stress makes it difficult to play, and I would like to play right now. I have yet to find a relaxation technique that works well for me, but I continue to search.

I recently found a site called Where We Relax, that features lots of ideas about relaxation and healing. They have all kinds of interesting news about stress and relaxation. None of it is going to do me any good right now though. I’m seriously stressed like the closet door on that old Looney Toon cartoon. The one where there is so much stuff in there if you touch the door handle it explodes, showering you with clothes, fishing poles, and bowling balls.

Eventually, the only thing that helped was to just give up and go to bed; however, I will leave you with this goofy little flash animation I found. Be nice to the fish. He’s had a hard day.

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