Stealing Cheese and Balancing Animals

I love playing games with my kids, but with a five year age gap between the two of them, it’s difficult to find a game that works for all of us. Here’s a couple of Haba games that worked out perfectly.

Käseklau! is a great little push your luck game that we’ve been playing regularly for the last few months. I think we’ve played it a few dozen times at home, on vacation, and at two family gatherings. Considering the price tag is under $14.00, that’s a fabulous value for your money.

In Käseklau!, you take turns trying to help Max the Mouse grab as much cheese as he can from any of the five rooms in the house before Camilla the Cat nabs him and he loses all he collected that turn. The cat and mouse markers move around the house randomly as directed by the dice. If the cat and mouse end up in the same room, your cheese snatching days are over.

The game is very similar in theme to Viva Topo, which is another favorite around here, but it is much easier to set up a game of Käseklau!. All you have to do is set out the five room tiles, stack an equal amount of cheese tiles in those rooms, and you are ready to go steal some cheese.

Another game that was a big hit during the holidays was Tier auf Tier or Animal Upon Animal, a stacking game where you try and be the first person to get rid of all of your animals by stacking them on top of an alligator before they topple over.

The kids like this game so much that I actually got a little burned out on it after a few months. It’s one of those games that doesn’t take very long to play, and so we would play three or four games at one time. I think it ended every time with me saying, “Okay, let’s play something else.” and the kids making sad pathetic noises, begging to play one more time.

I’m not saying it’s not a great game. It is a wonderful game. I’m just saying that your kids will like this one so much it may drive you a little crazy, and you may have to hide the box on a very high shelf for a month or so.

Both of these games are produced by Haba, and are available from Funagain Games. If you do happen to order anything from Funagain that you see here on this website, or even stuff that you don’t, be sure and use my affiliate code as a reference, P2RX, and I will get a little credit so I can buy even more games! Yippeee!

2 thoughts on “Stealing Cheese and Balancing Animals”

  1. My short description of Kasenklau is “Can’t Stop For Kids”… and you’re right, it’s a great game.

    Tier auf Tier just won another convert Monday night – my mostly non-gaming wife! She likes how you never get more than 2 pieces back (regardless of the size of the crash) so the game doesn’t go on forever AND you don’t crush kids’ spirits.

  2. @Mark: I love “Can’t Stop” I need to play that again soon.

    You’re right about Tier auf Tier. The two pieces rule really helps kids (and adults) from getting frustrated.

    Do you have a copy of the two player version?

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