Games to play on St. Patrick’s Day

Winner's Circle boardgame
I’m out of print. Boo!

St. Patrick’s Day is this Monday! In this very first 5 on Friday post, I give you five games to play with your friends and family while you’re wearing the green.

Keltis – A great family game, Keltis has a perfectly pasted on Irish theme to help you enjoy some sit down time with the people you love, people you like, or maybe just some people that you don’t mind.

Royal Turf – This is a wonderful game about horse racing, but it’s out of print because, well, the world is dumb. There are other games with horse racing as a theme, but I think this is my favorite.

Play Nine – The Card Game of Golf! – Once you’ve had a few pints of green beer or some fine Irish whiskey, then you might want a simple card game that doesn’t require a huge amount of brain cells. Play Nine fits the bill perfectly.

Attribute – How would you describe St. Patrick’s Day? In Attribute, players attempt to score points by matching adjectives to topics. It’s a fun game that can change with the crowd, from childish to make sure the kids are asleep. This one is also out of print, so you might have to play One NIght Ultimate Werewolf instead. Just call the werewolves Leprechauns.

Liar’s Dice – This is a perfect game to play with a group of friends on St. Patrick’s Day. Create some kind of trophy for the winner, or maybe a green hat with those bouncy shamrock antennae.

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    1. I did a search on BGG for geeklists on St. Patrick’s day and most of them just had games that feature the color green, which of course includes all Friedemann Friese games. Totally valid excuse to play games by the emerald wizard of Germany.

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