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It’s been brought to my attention that I don’t really do much to promote this blog. This is true, but it’s not that I don’t care if people are reading. I do care, but I don’t know how best to connect with people who would enjoy what I write without being annoying. I feel like all I should have to worry about is writing good content, but the internet is a very big place. I would really appreciate some suggestions on how best to spread the word.

Right now, I figure that I have three types of readers:

Game piecesWanderers – These are people who visit the site because of some search, like the people who are looking for the rules for Canadian Salad or follow a game review link from Boardgamegeek. The wanderers may never return. I hope the wanderers enjoy the content that they find here and become subscribers. I suppose I could spend a lot more time writing better titles or finding keywords that would help the SEO value of my posts, but I probably will not. I spent about thirty minutes last night looking for advice on how to write titles for blog posts, and I will never get those 30 minutes back.

Friends – I have many readers that are personal friends. They may or may not be gamers, but they like to support me and my creative endeavors. Most of my gamer friends know that I have a blog, but have no interest in reading it. For a while, this bothered me, especially when I created the Facebook page and found that I couldn’t even get all of my gamer friends to like the damn thing. In retrospect, I realize it’s nothing personal. Not everyone likes to read blogs. In fact, a whole lot of people don’t. The subset of my friends who are gamers AND blog readers make most of the comments on my posts.

Subscribers –  Most of my readers are subscribers who read through a blog reader like Feedly, where there really isn’t an easy method to provide feedback on the blog itself without going to the site and making a comment. A lot of people don’t want to go through that hassle. I don’t comment as much as I should. There are a few sites that make it so difficult to comment that I no longer bother trying. If a site makes me fill out those weird picture thingys or makes me register and yet restricts me from leaving anything that could lead people back to my own blog, then I’m probably not going to comment there unless I feel very strongly about it.

I’m not sure where I was going with all that.

I guess what I want are suggestions on how to connect with new readers. Think about that and get back to me either here or on the Gameguythinks Facebook Page.

I also wanted to spread the word about some other things:

The G2V Podcast is an entertaining look at pop culture through the eyes of a couple of industry insiders. If you like Doctor Who or know the difference between a fast zombie and a slow one, then you should check this out.

My buddy Mark Johnson started his Wargamestogo Podcast that will focus on smaller wargames. If you like being able to play a wargame in less than three hours, or if you like learning history through gaming, then you should give it a listen.

Mighty Meep is a new site that some Fresno locals created. They have a fresh and young attitude and it’s nice to hear about games from the perspective of the new gamer rather than the wise but jaded curmudgeon.

The Crazy Squirrel Game Store has recently undergone a huge expansion. If you are anywhere near the Central Valley of California and you are a gamer, then it’s worth the extra few miles to make a stop in Fresno and visit this most excellent of game stores.

9 thoughts on “Spread the Word”

  1. Jeff! Thanks for the bump for our show! We appreciate it and hope more people come along for the wild ride that is our podcast! New episode coming VERY soon!!! Thanks again!

    1. You are quite welcome. I just finished listening to your last episode. That was a great interview with the Tabletop producer. I didn’t know you were one of the original founders of SoCal Games Day!

  2. I read *mainly* to see if I’m mentioned. I don’t think I have been yet. Shouldn’t I have been mentioned in the Elfenland blog? It was my board after all.

    I’m going to go look for my name. Please hold.


    1. I’m sorry Davebo. I really should mention you more often. I think I mention people who have blogs or podcasts more often than those who do not because I can create a link back to them. I think what I should do is interview you and that way you would have your own post on this blog that I could link back to every time I mention you. How about that?

      1. One of the things I like discussing most is myself. If you must be present to discuss myself, I suppose that’s okay. Just take good notes. And don’t interrupt. And include a caricature of me.

  3. I appreciate most the clever writing, more than I enjoy game details. As an old curmudgeon, it takes a lot for me to get interested in reading about a game. A game I haven’t played, I figure I’ll learn about it when someone gets me to play it. A game I know, well, I better love it to want to read about a game I already know.

    You’re a clever writer, and when you combine that with talking about the hobby (as opposed to about a particular game), it just swings.

    1. You know my biggest problem with writing posts that don’t deal with a particular game? I never know what to call them.

      Thanks for the kudos. I just enjoy writing. I don’t have the opportunity to act or perform anymore, so writing is my primary creative outlet.

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