Some Toys are Special

Last weekend, while my wife was shopping in one of those mega-department stores, my son dropped his favorite toy, which rolled into another aisle and was promptly picked up by another kid, who quickly ran off with it. This was not a good week for poor Ben, as you can read in my personal blog. He really didn’t know what to say about the loss of this toy other than,

I am very angry and sad that boy take my hamburger.

Yes, my son’s favorite toy was a small plastic hamburger.

cheese-o-saur.jpgThe hamburger was part of a McDonald’s Happy Meal selection from a set called the McDino Changeables, which was released in 1990. The hamburger in question was known as cheese-o-saur. Ben had found the thing at his great-grandmother’s house in a box with a bunch of other plastic toys. I imagine that it originally belonged to my sister-in-law, who would have been in third or fourth grade at the time. For whatever reason, Ben took a liking to this little hamburger and took it everywhere he went. He kept it in his pocket and would take it out and show it to anyone who happened to be near and explain how it was his hamburger and what it could do. I thought it was great that he could have all these other toys, but his favorite was a seventeen year-old plastic hamburger. My wife and I were more devastated than he was when he lost it.

Luckily, this is the age of Ebay, and I was able to find another cheese-o-saur for about $10 with shipping. Oh mighty internet.

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