Social Games as Stress Relief

I’m planning on getting together with some friends tonight to play some games, and it’s remarkable how difficult a task it can be to get four or five adults together at the same time. It was so much easier to come together and play when we were in our twenties and thirties. As we get older and have more and more obligations, I think it becomes even more important that we take the time to sit down with our friends and play a game and relax.
I was looking around Just Stress Relief, which is a very nice little site about stress management, and they had this to say about using games for managing stress.

If you can get together with a few friends, coaxing them into playing some board games can bring stress relief as well. By combining fun activities with social time, you not only provide an outlet for you to have fun and relieve stress, but can share that same outlet with others. Another advantage of taking some time out with friends is that if anything in particular is causing stress, talking about it with a buddy can help which is an added benefit to having people over to play games for stress relief.

I think having the opportunity to talk about what is causing you stress makes all the difference in how you manage that stress. Talking about something stressful with friends allows you to gain insight from another perspective, and helps you externalize a problem that you have perhaps been internalizing.
I’m not particularly stressed right now, but I know some of my friends are feeling pretty tense. Hopefully, once we sit down and start playing, the stress will begin to loosen up and we can focus on having some fun.