My daughter is at a Girl Scout sleepover tonight. The sleepover is an important activity for children, because it allows them their first opportunity to humiliate their friends in a more personal manner. I found a post on EventWise about Sleepover Antics and the fun things you can do to your friends while they are asleep.

Here are some fun (some nutty) things that can be done to the first people who fall asleep at your sleepover (knowledge of this should keep the party going for quite a while).

  • Put the sleeper’s hand in warm water- (This is supposed to induce them to have to go to the bathroom)
  • Place a rubber snake on the pillow of an “early sleeper”
  • Put shaving cream on a sleeper’s hand and then tickle their nose with a feather (isn’t a face full of shaving cream what all “Party Poopers” deserve?!)
  • Get a big cup of water and put their bra or underwear in. Then freeze it! In the morning ask them to get you some ice from the freezer and watch them go mad.

Wow, that’s some pretty wild stuff. I know I would go stark raving mad if I saw my underwear in the freezer. I’d probably run out and cash out my retirement accounts, buy a cabin in the woods, and start writing a manifesto. Seriously, isn’t it time we updated some of these zany sleepover antics? Here are some new suggestions.

  • Disguise the sleeper as a celebrity and watch their astonishment as the paparazzi arrive.
  • Tie the sleeper down using tiny ropes and then wake them as you explain how you scared off the Lilliputians that were about to take you all captive.
  • Encase the sleeper in carbonite, ship them to Jabba the Hut, and collect the bounty.
  • Fill the “Party Pooper’s” sleeping bag with Cheez Whiz and place an olive-colored helmet on them. Run around screaming, “You’re an appetizer! You’re an appetizer!”
  • Enroll the early-sleeper as an independent presidential candidate in the ’08 elections.

That’s enough crazy antics for an entire platoon of Girl Scouts. Please feel free to add more. Let’s get this party started.

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  1. Label the sleeper’s forehead with one of those cool labelers. Something traditional like “goofball” or “punch me” would be fine.

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