Settlers of Catan Card Game

My wife and I are big fans of the Settlers Of Catan Board Game. We were introduced to the game by some good friends of ours, and they are still our favorite people to play the game with because they fight and it’s fun to watch. They don’t really fight, but the competition gets heated. It’s terribly amusing.

The only problem with Settlers is that I don’t get to play it enough, because it’s hard to get people together, so when I heard about the Settlers of Catan Card Game, I knew I had to pick it up.

catancardgameThe Settlers of Catan Card Game is a two-player card based version of the Settlers Of Catan Board Game. The mechanics of the card game are similar to the board game, and it certainly helps to have experience with the board game but it isn’t necessary. The game is a great mix of strategy, diplomacy, and luck. In the game, you control a group of settlers attempting to settle an area of land by utilizing the available resources to build roads, settlements, and cities. You can also recruit knights and expand the resources of your settlements and cities in order to increase your influence. Another important factor of the game is trading with your opponent, which is much easier in the card based version than in the board game, since all resources are visible in the card game version.

My wife and I picked it up pretty quickly and really enjoyed our first game. Just as an aside… women with long nails will have some issues with this game, but I suppose that is the price of fashion. There is a Catan Card Game Expansion Set that I plan on ordering pretty soon, once the original set has been broken in a bit.

Update August 29, 2012: The Settlers card game that I discussed here is now out of print, but there is a new and in my opinion improved version called The Rivals for Catan.

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  1. More and more companies are producing card game versions of their board games. I see this as a great way to help non-gamers get into them, as normally they are easier to understandand offer the ease of portability and don’t always seem as daunting to a non-gamer with all the dice and pawns and tokens that many strategy type games have. Thanks for the review, I’ll have to look for this and maybe introduce it to a future game session.

    Just with the popularity of the Nintendo DS portable video games are popular and so too are portable board games 🙂 Heck, even Buffalo Games recently released a card game version of their party board game Imaginiff.

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