Sesame Street Giggle Medical Kit

Over the weekend, my wife and I bought our three year-old a Sesame Street Giggle Medical Kit. He had seen this item at his cousin’s birthday party and seriously did not stop talking about it for a week, which is not normal for him. He’s one of those kids who’s usually more interested in the box than the toy. There was something about this toy that just connected with his inner adult, or something. Every night a bedtime, he said something about “the doctor kit” so because we think he’s so dang cute, we bought it for him.

The medical kit is very cute. The kit includes a stethoscope with sound effects provided by the Cookie Monster. There is also an otoscope shaped like Big Bird and a blood pressure cuff that works by squeezing Ernie’s head. There is also a Bert thermometer and a clip-on bandage. All the tools fit inside the Elmo shaped bag, which is always a plus when it comes time to clean up.

There are a lot of toy medical kits on the market that are much more realistic, if your child is interested. There is the Pretend and Play Doctor Set made by Learning Resources. I really liked the Fisher Price Medical Kit, which is very complete and comes with a cool medical bag, but there was just something about those hypnotic muppet Elmo eyes that won my son over.

Must obey Elmo… must obey Elmo…

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  1. FYI – I have checked through the recent toy recall announcements and the Sesame Street Giggle Medical Kit has not been recalled.

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