SdJ Recommended List 2010

The winner of Germany’s Game of the Year will be announced later this month. I wrote about the nominees earlier this month, but the jury also releases a list of recommended games each year, so let’s talk about those.

I don’t have a lot to say about these games, because for the most part, I haven’t played them.

  • Jaipur, designed by Sébastien Pauchon. I own this game and have played it a few times. It’s a neat two-player and I should probably get it out and play it again sometime this month.
  • Endeavor, designed by Carl de Visser and Jarratt Gray. I’ve only played this once, but I liked it. Maybe I didn’t like it as much as everyone else seems to like it, but I thought it was good.

The next two games on the recommended list are special because while I have never played them or even seen them, I own them. I ordered them as part of a group order months ago and just haven’t gotten a chance to go down to Los Angeles to pick them up. I’m sure they’re awesome.

  • Mosaix, designed by Christof Tisch
  • Level X, designed by Stefan Risthaus

The rest of the games are total unknowns for me, even Tobago, which was considered by many to be a sure thing for the SdJ short list.

I doubt I will get to play any of these before the month is over, but you never know.