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HaileysgameOne of the last assignments my daughter brought home this year was to design a board game based on a recently read book. The game was to feature player markers that would relate to some of the important objects or characters in the book, and it was obvious from the instructions that the teacher expected some type of roll and move game.

My daughter suggested making like Candyland, where players would draw cards to determine how far to advance. I suggested using a die that had colored faces that would correspond to the color on the board space. I bought some colored stickers at an office supply store in two sizes, one size for the board and a smaller size for the faces of the dice. My daughter made a path with the various colors and even put in some bridges and hazards.

My daughter wanted a way to interact with other players on the board, so we came up with a new rule that said if you land on an opponent’s space, you may roll the die and send them back to that color space. It was tempting to add some interesting mechanics to the flow of play, but this needed to be shared and scored by a teacher who obviously had never gone very far beyond Monopoly.

I used some inexpensive lamination film to cover the game board, and it ending up looking pretty good. My daughter had decorated the board with images of some of the most important events in the book.

We made the player pawns by using small flat wooden discs and then printing out some basic images on large labels, which we then mounted to the discs and trimmed away the excess.

My daughter got an A+ on the project and was very happy with how everything worked out.

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  1. I admire your restraint in resisting the urge to spice up the game. Sometimes when I help my kids, I find myself trying to make their projects unique. I usually catch myself before I go too far and realize that I’m doing it to show the teacher how smart I am :-).

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