Rolling Through August

August is a month where I usually take some time off, so I wanted to choose a Game of the Month that I could take with me when I travel. I chose Matt Leacock’s Roll Through the Ages, because not only is it easy to carry, but it also has a relatively new iPhone application.

I reviewed this mini-civilization dice roller quite some time ago. You can read that through this link, Roll Through the Ages, which includes an overview of the game if you are unfamiliar with it.

This is one of those games that still sees regular play even though the newness wore off a long time ago. This is just one of those games that is rarely denied if someone feels like bringing it out. There isn’t a lot of player interaction, but nobody seems to care much. You roll the dice. You make some decisions, and then you chat until it’s your turn again. Simple and fun.

Here’s some of what I would like to consider as I play the game this month:

  • There is a free expansion, called The Late Bronze Age, that I tried once and forgot about. I would like to give this another try.
  • The game travels well, but can I travel with the dice only? Those wooden peg boards are really cool and all, but they do take up space. Is there a paper and dice only version?
  • We just got the iPhone app. I will try both solo and multi-player modes.
  • What are some essential strategies?

Post some of your thougts and experiences with this game as the month goes by, and we’ll discuss them at the end of the month.

Happy gaming!

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