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RS_Fluxx_BoxTop_042514Looney Labs recently released a new flavor of Fluxx based on Regular Show, a very popular program on Cartoon Network. I was a little surprised that I had never written about Fluxx, considering I first played it back in 2008. At least I think that’s when I first played it, I haven’t always done a good job of tracking my plays of anything, especially fillers and short games. Fluxx is aptly named, because the rules of the game continuously change with each player’s turn. It’s a wacky and silly game best suited for casual play with casual people who can still play games just for the sake of playing and enjoying the company of others.

I own a few versions of Fluxx. I started out with Family Fluxx, which I still take to family gatherings. I purchased Zombie Fluxx for a Halloween party and I think that was the first game to feature the addition of the Creeper, unwelcome cards that usually keep you from winning until you can either destroy them or at least make them move on to another player. Later, I bought a copy of Pirate Fluxx for a pirate party. This flavor introduced the surprise card which is basically an action card that allows you to act out of turn.

I do think that the flavor of a particular Fluxx can have a real impact on your enjoyment of the game. Looney Labs does a great job of bringing all the Regular Show characters into the game. I’ve only seen a few episodes, so I consulted with a couple of experts, my son and my nephew. They were happy to see their favorite characters like Skips and Muscle Man. There’s even a booster pack of 7 cards that make reference to an episode where the main characters are versions of themselves from the future.

Regular Show Fluxx, and this goes for all versions of Fluxx as far as I know, has a few basic card types:

  • Basic Rules – This is a single card that is placed on the table at the start of the game and creates the first two rules of the game. First, you draw a card into your hand, and then you play a card from your hand.
  • New Rules – These cards add or modify the rules of play. If a new rule contradicts an old rule, then the old rule is discarded; otherwise, you just add the new rule to the table.
  • Goals – The game starts without a goal. These cards, when played to the table, determine the win conditions.
  • Keepers – These cards are played in front of you, and are part of the win conditions for different goals.
  • Actions – These cards let you do something interesting like swap hands with another player or steal their keeper. Regular Show Fluxx has an excellent action card called Death Punch of Death that makes a player discard all of their cards.
  • Creepers – These are cards that must be played immediately in front of you and they suck. You usually cannot win with a Creeper, but there are exceptions. Not all versions of Fluxx have Creepers. Regular Show Fluxx has only two.

LL-Logo-2014One of the things I’ve always liked about Fluxx is that people can leave or join the game without having much impact. If you want to join in, then you just follow the current set of rules for drawing cards, playing cards, and keeping cards. I recall reading somewhere that this was one of the primary concepts that influenced Andrew Looney as he created Fluxx. I may have made that up. I can do stuff like that because I am a respected semi-professional internet journalist.

Pick up a copy of Regular Show Fluxx at your FLGS. Like other flavors of Fluxx, it’s a fun filler and easy to teach to non-gamers. While you are at it, pick up a copy of Loonacy, the fast and furious speed matching game.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this game from the publisher.

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