Randomized: June 2009

I was trying to post more often, but like my usual performance in Im Reich der Wüstensöhne, I have failed to meet my goals. Excuses? You betcha! Things are crazy at work and at home, so I haven’t finished any of the posts I’ve been trying to put together, but here’s some random bits of fascinating information about what’s going on around here.

  • I’m almost ready to call it quits on my World of Warcraft account. In those few moments of downtime that I have each day, I am very rarely interested in trying to relearn everything I’ve forgotten about WoW, or try and keep up with the latest patch. It’s just not that interesting anymore. I’ve probably played a couple of hours total in the last four months, so unless someone says, “Jeff! You need to join our killer guild and hang out with us!” I will be saving myself some subscription fees each month so I can have more cash for boardgames.
  • By the end of the week, I will have my very own copy of Formula D. I like racing games and this one looks fabulous. No, I have never played the game, and yes, that’s a pricey game to purchase without playing it first; however, I have heard nothing but great things from many different sources. I really looking forward to this one. I’ve been picking up filler games and card games for a while now, but this one looks like something big and special.
  • I’m getting that itch to redesign my blogs, and that’s always dangerous. I think that this one will end up getting changed the most, so if there is any downtime with the site, that’s why.
  • I still haven’t played Dungeons & Dragons, but it will happen. I just need to get everyone together, which is not an easy task right now.
  • I will have my own copy of Finito soon. I’m anxious to see how it goes over with my game group.

Things should calm down in a week or so, and I can get some reviews posted.