Promises Promises

Blogging is such an odd phenomenon. It’s something that I’ve obviously been interested in for some time now, and the last few months since I started writing again on a regular basis have been and continue to be very enjoyable for me. I’m happy to have some regular readers and folks that comment on posts. I hope that small group will grow into a larger group, but I suppose that’s up to me.

When I shutdown my old blog and moved everything over to this new domain, I established some rules for myself about what kind of content I would post and did some serious thinking about exactly what I wanted to get out of blogging in general. I wrote out all of the things that I wanted to talk about, all the things I didn’t want to talk about, how often I should post, and all of the things that would work together to make this blog one that I would like to read.

One of the first things I wrote out was a promise. This was an idea I found over at tentblogger, a blogging site that I recommend if you are interested in blogging at any level. I don’t usually like blogs or sites about blogging, but I think John Saddington does a nice job of keeping things real. Here’s what he has to say about a blog’s promise:

It simply states what your blog does.
It communicates expectation.

Here is what I finally decided was the promise of this blog:

Gameguythinks is all about providing easily digested articles about games and gaming. I promise that I will always put sarcasm and personal opinion before journalistic integrity and actual research.

toys in a claw game
I promise to never again post pictures of stuffed animals in disturbing positions.

The great thing about writing out a promise like this is that it not only lets my readers know what to expect from me, but even more importantly, it helps me focus in on what I expect from myself. For example, I don’t usually like reading long articles on other blogs, so I promise to keep my posts in the 300 to 800 word range. I promise to keep all content related to games and gaming. This post actually breaks that rule, I suppose.

I promise that I will never post just for the sake of posting or staying on a schedule. I promise you that if you really want a well written in-depth analysis of game play or strategy then you are far away from where you want to be.

I promise to continue to use italics to represent an often unnecessary aside comment where I appear to talk to an invisible audience. Yes, I am aware that this is annoying. I promise to use words like adjacent, contiguous, and callipygous as often as possible, and will continue to bold items for no real reason.

Please return to your games, and make sure that you take some time to tell your gaming buddies that you appreciate them, even if they are crushing you in a game of King of Tokyo.

3 thoughts on “Promises Promises”

  1. ” I promise that I will always put sarcasm and personal opinion before journalistic integrity and actual research.” – This is everything someone should want from a blog.

  2. I like the easily digested part. Sometimes I like long articles (or blog entries), too, but for those I tend to print out for reading & concentration later. Then they go in my backpack and live there for months until I clean it out, often throwing out these printouts, still unread.

  3. I found your blog through the BGTG podcast last week. As a wise man said, “Brevity is the soul of wit. Wit is the soul of blogging.” (I’m not so sure about that last part.) Therefore, brevity is the soul of blogging, QED. Most gaming blogs are overblown, but I am glad you and Mark introduced me to this and Giles’ blog. I will add these to my reader.

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