Polly Pocket Toys

There are a lot of toys out there that aren’t worth buying for your kids, but Polly Pockets do not fall into that category. My 8 year-old daughter loves these little dolls. The dolls are about three inches tall and are made out of a rubbery plastic that is slightly flexible. All of the clothing and accessories are made of the same rubbery substance. The dolls and playsets are reasonably prices and are fairly durable. They also don’t hurt as badly as other toys when you step on them in your bare feet after you turn your child’s light off at night. They are all made in these pastel colors with cool patterns, and the clothes and accessories are all interchangeable.

I asked my daughter to write down some of her thoughts on Polly Pocket toys. This is what she had to say:

I think Polly Pockets are fun because you get to pretend whatever you want and let them live where ever you want. I would choose Polly Pockets over other toys because you can fit them in most doll houses unlike the very very small figures and most stuffed animals. The clothes are cool because if you don’t like the top of the dress, you can cut the clothes in the middle and only use the bottom or you can use the top only.

This is a very impressive Polly Pocket website at everythinggirl.com. They have some fun games and activities for kids and you can see all of the playsets and toys that are available. I also found a Polly Pocket website for the United Kingdom, which I imagine is the same as the American site, but Polly drives her car on the opposite side of the street and has universal access to health-care.