Pit Card Game

Pit has been a popular family card game since 1904. It is fast-paced, loud, and lots of fun. The game simulates the pit of the commodity market exchange. Players attempt to corner the market on a particular commodity like barley, corn, or coffee. The rules are simple, and once things get going, play gets very frantic and loud. All commodity cards are shuffled and passed out, and play begins with all players offering cards for trade at the same time. You hold up from one to four cards that must be the same commodity, and offer them for trade. The first player to collect all of one particular commodity will end the round by indicating that they have cornered the market. This is done by shouting corner! while slapping your cards down on the table, ringing the bell if you happen to purchase the deluxe version of the game, or by jumping up out of your seat and doing a victory dance while singing Celebrate by Kool and the Gang.

Things get even more interesting once you add the Bull and Bear market cards. The Bull card acts as a wild card or as a bonus card if you have it in your hand when you corner a particular market. However, both the Bull and Bear card count against you if you are caught with them in your hand when someone else corners a market. You can slip these in with your cards as you trade, which adds sort of an Old Maid element to the trading, but since all trades are happening at the same time, you have to make sure nobody realizes that you just got passed the Bear (or Bull).

It’s no accident that this game has been around as long as it has been. It is a great game for young and old. Seriously, the next time Grandma says,

Those games you kids play are too new-fangled for me! Back in my day, we played with sticks and spiderwebs, and we were thankful!

You can say,

But Grandma, this game is older than you are!

The game comes with one deck of 74 commodity cards, plus a Bull card and a Bear Card, and a piece of cardboard called “the corner” which is totally useless, unless you need a coaster for your drink. The Deluxe version of the game comes with a cool bell you can ring. I know it seems silly, but the bell is worth the extra few bucks. This game gets five stars on the gameguy scale, as it corners the market on family fun!

PUBLISHER: Winning Moves – Parker Brothers
PLAYERS: 3 – 8
AGES: 7 to adult
RULES: Fairly Easy
TIME: Medium [10 – 30 mins]
PRICE: Medium [$10 – $25](Low side of medium)