Pig 10

Pig 10 card game from Zoch

I was curious as to what my five-and-dime list looked like so far in 2012, and I was a little surprised to find that Pig 10 was at the top of my played list.

Pig 10 is a card game designed by Ayelet Pnueli, featuring some delightful illustrations by Claudia Stöckl. It’s a very quick game that’s made for children as young as six years old, but can be enjoyed by adults as well. The game will accommodate up to 8 players, and takes about 15 minutes to play. Pig 10 is published by Zoch.

How to Play Pig 10

The goal in Pig 10 is to collect as many cards as you can before the draw pile runs out. After taking an initial hand of three cards, each player will take turns playing a card to the center. This continues until the value of those cards is equal to or exceeds 10. If you can make it equal 10 exactly, then you take the stack of cards and place them in front of you. If you are forced to make the stack equal to more than 10, then the cards are given to the player on your left. The cards have values from 0 to 10; however, there are special rules that make this game interesting.

  • The 5 card, which features a pig mermaid, can either add 5 to the stack value or subtract 5, as long as the value doesn’t go below zero.
  • The frog-pig zero card resets the value of the stack to zero.
  • If you play the same number card as the card played previously, then you can set the value of the stack to that card. So for example, if Joe plays a 2 card on a 7 card then the value of the stack is 9, but I could then play a 2 card on top of the previous 2 and reset the value of the stack to 2.
  • Finally, you can play a card that matches the current value of the stack without changing the current value. For example, if the value of the stack is 8 from a 5 and a 3, then I can play an 8 and still keep the value of the stack at 8.

Players play and draw cards until the deck runs out and then whoever has the most cards wins.

What do I think about Pig 10?

Why is this fun? Well, first of all you have to say “Pig 10!” when you win a stack. I could go on for hours about how this game helps young players develop computational fluency (which is true) but really I think it’s just plain fun to throw out cards and say “Pig 10!” when you win a stack. There’s even a little bit of strategy in the game because if you can make a stack get very close to 10, then the next player may have to play a card that sends the value over 10, which wins you the stack.

Pig 10 is not available domestically in the United States. I got a copy from a prize table at a gaming event. It had been part of a large order that my local gaming group had made from the German Amazon website, amazon.de. We make these kinds of orders once or twice a year to get games we can’t get otherwise.

If you happen to find a copy, I highly recommend that you pick it up. It’s about 7 or 8 Euros, so it’s well worth the price if you can find it.

2 thoughts on “Pig 10”

  1. “Delightful” illustrations!??! I personally would have gone with “nightmarish” or “terrifying”.

    Game’s fun and fast though!

    1. Now that I think about it, you could play this with a couple of decks of regular cards if you used the ace as a zero and removed the face cards.

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