Outburst! the Game of Verbal Explosions

We played some games last night with some good friends of ours. It was late when we got started and we had a limited amount of playing stamina, so we skipped our usual game of Settlers Of Catan, and went for some quick and fun boardgames. We started with Outburst the Game of Verbal Explosions and then played Buffalo Games Imaginiff, which was much more fun than Outburst! in my opinion. I’ve already reviewed Imaginiff, which is a fabulous game by Buffalo Games. If you want to keep up with what’s going on with this great company, be sure and check the Buffalo GameBuffs Blog.

Outburst! is a favorite of my wife, but I don’t really share here enthusiasm for the game. The game is a fairly standard “name everything you can think of about a particular topic” style trivia competition where you play with a partner. For example, you might get the topic “Arctic Animals” and you would have a short amount of time to come up with as many of the ten listed answers as you can without any coaching from your partner. The first team to accumulate 60 points is the winner, and there is a random element thrown in where you receive additional points for a particular answer.

Outburst! is not one of my favorites for two reasons:

  1. I don’t see the point in having a partner if your partner cannot help or give you clues. The only thing a partner does is click off the answers you get right. Why couldn’t your opponent do that? What’s the point?
  2. Many of the answers are just stupid. In the previously mentioned “Arctic Animal” topic, I think answer number four was rabbit which was right by polar bear. Now when I think of the arctic, the first thing I think of are those arctic rabbits. You know, the ones with the jackets and shoes. You do have some options of passing difficult topics off to your opponents, but really the quality of the topics and answers is very random.

I don’t mind trivia games, but I just think they should make some kind of sense.

Everyone else seems to love this game, but this is my blog and I give the game two stars.

PUBLISHER: Parker Brothers (Mattel?)
PLAYERS: 2 or more in teams.
AGES: 10 and up.
TIME: Medium [20 – 30 mins]
PRICE: High [$25 – $50]
Gameguy’s rating 1 star = don’t bother ~ 5 stars = must have

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