Online Gaming… meh

I’ve been so busy lately with other projects that I haven’t had a lot of time for gaming. It makes it difficult when during times of great stress, your outlet for dealing with stress is one of the first things to be set aside.

Early last month, I started playing more games online through play by web services like; however, I’ve realized just how unfullfilling those games are for me.

I am not a very competitive gamer. I tend to experiment as I play. If my strategy is successful, that’s great; otherwise, I had a good time trying something different. I love to play games that are interesting, but it is not the mechanics of a game that bring me back to the table. What I enjoy is the social contract of face to face gaming.

When you sit down to play a boardgame with friends, it’s like you are all saying, “Okay, we are going to hang out together and do this activity until it’s done.” It’s that hanging out aspect of gaming that I just cannot find in the play by web sites.

I’ve had some fun, but I think I’m done with it. It isn’t a substitute for real face to face gaming for me. It’s usually just distracting, and taking my turn has become just another tack for my already busy day.

Things should get better soon, and I can start to get back into playing a bit more face to face. Hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Online Gaming… meh”

  1. If you can arrange a time to play a game online against someone–AND arrange a conference call via Skype–then you get much closer to a face-to-face experience. It’s more personal, anyway.

  2. @Mark: It’s funny, but when I wrote that I almost talked about how you had arranged a Power Grid game via Skype and how that would be more along the lines of what I like. However, the truth is I’m just in a bad mood because I haven’t played much of anything lately.

    I did enjoy our Reef Encounter games, even if I totally suck.

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