Off to KublaCon

I’m heading to KublaCon this weekend.

I’ve heard KublaCon is one of the better gaming conventions on the west coast. It features table top games, roleplaying games, live action roleplaying games, miniatures games, and collectible card games.

I’ve never been to a big gaming event like this, and I’m excited to check it out, even if I’m a little apprehensive about the size. I really enjoy smaller events where you have the opportunity to get to know everyone, but there will be at least a few people I know at KublaCon.

I hope to get in on one of the RPGA events. Saturday, May 23 is Worldwide D&D Game Day so Wizards of the Coast should have some good stuff planned for the weekend. It would be nice to play with the new 4th edition rules with an experienced DM before I start my own game this summer.

I’m going to use the weekend as an opportunity to learn some new games, if I can. I would like to learn how to play Monsterpocalypse, a new collectible miniatures game about giant monsters fighting in a city, tossing each other into skyscrapers. Keith Baker, the creator of GLOOM, will be there, showing folks how to play. I certainly going to try and get in on one of those sessions. I also want to learn to play Tichu, which is a pretty popular card game. Popular everywhere except Fresno, apparently.

As far as boardgames go, I plan on just playing whatever is out there. I’m not sure what open gaming is going to look like, but I’m sure there will be opportunities throughout the weekend to sit down and move blocks of wood around in an attempt to earn victory points.

There are a few special events that look interesting. Prolific game designer, Reiner Knizia, will discussing game design and the current state of the industry. I plan on packing my prototype game, but chances are, it will never leave my suitcase. There’s a late night flea market on Friday, where I’m sure I will find something that I just have to own. I will try and be good. I still have over thirty games I haven’t played yet.

I will try and take some pictures and do a convention review next week. Have a great holiday weekend!