Not dead, just busy gaming

I’ve been very busy lately with work, wife, and kids AND… lots of gaming. July was a very good month of gaming for me, and August is shaping up to be my biggest month of gaming ever.

One of the real treats in the last month has been that Friedemann Friese’s Power Grid has hit the table more than a few times. I love this super tight auction/bidding/network building game. I totally sucked air my first couple of games, but I’m getting better. Win or lose, this is a very enjoyable game. It can go long, but it never feels like it.

One of the few complaints I ever hear about my game group is that we tend to play new games or play a particular game only once or twice a year, and never seem to focus on a particular game long enough to get good at it. I suppose this is a valid argument, especially when you are talking about some of the real meaty games like Power Grid. I can go either way really, but I admit that it has been really nice to play something enough to develop a tiny bit of skill and experience.

More on the way soon, including thoughts on Diamonds Club, Finca, World of Warcraft TCG, Sleeping Queens, and Ra: the dice game.

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