Milton Bradley’s Operation Game

Milton Bradley’s Operation game has been around since 1965, which makes it a year older than this middle-aged bald blogger. It’s a game of physical dexterity that involves the removal of small plastic objects from a bizarre looking naked guy on an operating table. Weird enough yet? It gets better. The removal of said small plastic objects is made more difficult by the addition of electric current provided by two AA batteries. The area surrounding the recessed cavities that contain said small plastic objects is charged with electricity from said AA batteries and if the surrounding area is touched with the small metal tweezers (tweezer, by the way is in my opinion the ugliest word in the English language) then the circuit is completed and the naked guy’s nose will light up and the game makes an awful buzzing noise.

This is a silly game.

operation.jpgThe game proceeds as each player attempts to remove the small plastic objects from the electrified chambers without setting off the buzzer. A successful operation or removal earns an amount of game money equal to the difficulty of the procedure. The amount of points that each procedure earns, like most useless information, can be found on a wiki page, here.

I liked this game when I was a kid, and I still like it. It’s quirky and silly with a small amount of false danger, which is why it’s fun. Kids love this game because it’s so weird. It has been released under various character franchises including Operation Simpsons, Shrek Operation, and Operation Game – Spider-Man Origins Edition.

I think they should update Operation so that you have to remove small celebrities from rehab, or make an adult version that uses D batteries instead of those wimpy AAs. Speaking of an adult version [kids, stop reading here], you can play the game as a drinking game. If you successfully perform an operation then you can make another player take a drink, but if you fail to perform a procedure, then you have to take a drink. I haven’t actually played it this way. I’m just letting you know. Do what you will.

PUBLISHER: Milton Bradley
PLAYERS: 1 or more
AGES: 6 and up.
TIME: Medium [10 – 30 mins]
PRICE: Medium [$10 – $25]
Gameguy’s rating 1 star = don’t bother ~ 5 stars = must have

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