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When we discuss a new program at work, one of the types of people we discuss are folks we call early adopters. These are people who jump in right away, eager to be at the ground level of something new. Early adopters are willing to take chances with new things and get their hands dirty. I am not an early adopter. I used to be, but innovation and enthusiasm was slowly leached out of me over time by bureaucratic overlords, like a Skeksis sucking the life essence out of a Podling, replacing it with skepticism and mistrust, leaving me a hollow and shrunken foam shell.

meeplogo1So when I heard about a group of local folks coming together to create a gaming website that would feature news and reviews, I waited skeptically to see how things would work out. Honestly, since being launched in January of this year, I think things have worked out rather well. Mighty Meep is a collaborative effort by some young(er than me) local gamers who hope to see their hobby flourish and want to share their passion with others. I appreciate their opinions and enthusiasm, in spite of my skepticism, mistrust, and having my life essence sucked out like a Podling.

Josh McIllwain is the driving force behind all the Mighty Meepness. Because I am a serious journalist and a respected member of the blogosphere, I asked Josh to write a Haiku about why he decided to begin to meep mightily. He writes:

Lots of new gamers
Lack of fun, casual sites
So I made one. Whee!
– Josh McIllwain

Nicely done, Josh. I like how the interjection at the end represents both a sense of genuine excitement and also an admission that it is a difficult and time-consuming task. I grok your verse and give you four snaps. Of course, you could check out the Mighty Meep: About Page where you can read things like, “We hope to offer a fun and entertaining source of meaningful news and thought-provoking articles for new or veteran gamers alike.” but I don’t think that gives you the gut-level Jack Kirby-like emotional punch of a poem.

Here is what the Mighty Meep is cooking, if you aren’t already smelling it:

  • Gaming news, not just boardgames, but also RPGs, LCGs, CCGs, BLTs, PC Games, and tactical minis.
  • Roundtable discussions that include opinions by young gamers who don’t yet care about what they say on the internet, so it’s honest and entertaining.
  • The Mighty Meepcast: A weekly podcast featuring gaming pundits Josh McIllwain, Joe Aguayo, and John Snyder in a casual yet insightful roundtable discussion of the state of gaming. Be warned. This is NSFW, unless you are a sailor or an MMA fighter.
  • Video coverage and analysis of PC games.
  • Opinionated insights delivered by gamers who haven’t already been there and done that and who have not had their life essence sucked out by a Skeksis.

Head on over to the Mighty Meep and see what you think. Write a nice review of the Mighty Meepcast on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. I’ve added both to my resource page, which you should check occasionally as I do update it regularly. Show your appreciation for Josh and his team of dedicated freedom fighters by writing a Haiku and posting it in the comments.


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  1. Oh, the Mighty Meep
    Chock full of gaming info
    Is it my turn yet?
    You all be crazy
    Do you have a PS4?
    Not that kind of store

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