Mark Jackson: Kullerbande King

Just in case anyone was curious the aforementioned youtube video, this is an example of Mark Jackson at his best. Mark was showing off one of his many cool Haba games. This one is a dexterity game called Die Kullerbande.


I wander through this video at some point. It was very late and I had played all day, and I had this fuzzy sort of weariness that comes from too much sugar, too much fun, and getting schooled in El Grande.

Mark is inspirational to me. He appears to have a broadband connection to a youthful sense of fun and play. My own connection is dial-up at best, but his friendship has led to fewer outages of service.

Learn more about Mark Jackson by visiting his blog at aka pastor guy.

1 thought on “Mark Jackson: Kullerbande King”

  1. Ah, Jeff – you are too kind. Really.

    My youthful playness was aided by a lack of sleep & a 48 hour sugar rush… in fact, I think I’d eaten enough mini-candy bars at that point that people who lightly patted my arm could get a contact sugar high off of me.

    On the serious side, I appreciate the heck out of your friendship. And I still need to borrow the preternaturally comfortable monk robe.

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