Mad Gab

Mad Gab Party Game
My wife’s favorite!

Mad Gab is a game about meaning what you say, but not saying what you mean. The game provides a phrase like “Law Sand Jealous” and a player will say those words aloud until someone on their team can figure out what they are really saying, which in this case is “Los Angeles.” The teams score points on how quickly they can figure out the real phrase.

The game comes with a timer, a flipper, a scorepad, and a box of 1,200 Mad Gab phrases on 300 color-coded cards. This is one of those games that has to be played to be appreciated. The real fun is being on the opposing team, and laughing your butt off because someone is saying “That’s not my style” but they are hearing “Debt Snot Must Aisle” and have no clue what that means. I don’t think we ever really kept score, because it was enough just to make fun of each other.

My wife loves this game. She loves it because she is really good at it and can usually devastate her opponents. The only reason we don’t play this game more often is because we have to spring it upon unsuspecting guests who don’t know what they are getting into. It’s a good game, but the price tag is a little high in my opinion for what you are getting. I ranked it in the medium range but really it should be in the high range. I would have sold it without the timer or the flipper, and lowered the cost, but it’s still a really fun game.