Looking at Savage Worlds RPG

I’ve been on another role playing game kick. You know, when I get all excited about a RPG and I read it, plan some cool adventure, and then never play it? Woo hoo!

Savage Worlds is my new RPG of interest. I had purchased this some time ago. I’m not sure I even remember why I bought it. Maybe because it’s cheap! $9.99 for a set of core rules is a total bargain. Anyway, I looked at it, got distracted by something else and put it away in a box in the garage.

Then the guys over at Into the Gamescape talked about Savage Worlds in their podcast, and suddenly, I remembered I had it in a box in the garage. I listened to that segment of the podcast a few times, reread the rules, and was totally sold. I have already constructed a world setting, and am working on a short introductory scenario.

The rules are designed to be “fast, furious, and fun” according to the designers, and I think that’s a pretty good description. The detail is light and the rule set is based on just a few concepts that are carried throughout the game. If I actually get some people together to play, I’ll go into a bit more depth with the rules. For right now, I’m excited just to read through them, and think about a possible storyline for the adventure.

2 thoughts on “Looking at Savage Worlds RPG”

  1. I’m in. Color me the brainy scientist with a dark secret in his past and a deadeye aim with a pistol… well, if we’re doing the “pulp” adventure.

    Otherwise, I’ll have to trot out my old RPG standby, the dwarven fighter, Ecnad Tsal. (Or his brother, Ecnad Ecnahc.)

    Of course, if we do the whole super-villain world, Implosion Boy could make an appearance!

  2. Last Dance or Chance Dance? You are going to have to explain those backward choices at some point.

    I love the pulp genre. I’m going to track down some Doc Savage novels at the used book store!

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