Local Gaming

Earlier this week, I finally made it out to play with a local gaming group. The group is run by Mark Jackson, who is a bit of a gaming celebrity. If you want to learn more about Mark, you should check out his primary website, aka pastor guy, and go from there.

I felt welcome from the moment I arrived. I was there for about four hours, and had an absolute blast. I’m a fairly social guy and I don’t have any issues walking into a situation where I’m the stranger, but this was a situation where as the evening went on and more people arrived, I had this great feeling of belonging. You know how you can walk into a situation and know immediately that you don’t belong there? This was just the opposite. I looked at these guys and thought to myself, “These are good guys. I’m comfortable with these people.” I don’t know anything about their lives or what they do. I didn’t need to know. I know that they each share my love for gaming and that’s all that matters.

Next: How do you find a local gaming group?


  1. I’m glad that you had such a good time at the gaming group. It would be nice to find something like that around here. I’m still playing occasional games with my neighbors and my kids.

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