Kingsburg for the iPhone

I recently purchased the iPhone application of Andrea Chiarvesio and Luca Iennaco wonderful board game, Kingsburg, which is published domestically by Fantasy Flight games. I don’t actually have an iPhone, but we have an iPod Touch, which runs the same applications. Regular readers (all four of you) may recall that Kingsburg was my first Game of the Month, and remains one of my favorites, so I was pretty excited about trying out this new version.

The application uses all of the great graphics from the physical production and the game looks great. Game play is the same as well, and the app features both single player and multi-player mode, where opponents can just pass the device back and forth as they take their turns. After one game, I disabled the annoying hints and tips that kept popping up, but it didn’t eliminate as much of the interrupting frames as I would have liked. I also turned off the sound effects after the first game, but found that I actually missed them later, so I turned them back on.

The application captures all of the important elements from the physical version of the game, and for fans of the game, like myself, who don’t get to play it as often as we would like, and don’t feel like going online and playing it at BrettspielWelt, the application is well worth the five buck download.

The only real problem with the application is that I cannot see how anyone who is not very familiar with the game could hope to make any sense out of this thing. One of my favorite things about the board game is that huge board that has all of the advisers, where you place your dice. In the application, the advisers only appear as you assign values to them, and this makes it much more difficult to think about where and how you want to place your dice. It didn’t make a big difference to me, but I am very familiar with the game. I imagine that the game is very frustrating for new players.

I still prefer to sit down and play the real version, but I think they did a nice job with this. I’m just happy to have way to enjoy one of my favorite games.