King of Tokyo: Power Up!

I just recently played King of Tokyo with the new Power Up! expansion, and while I initially had some concerns about it adding anything worthwhile, I am happy to report that it’s a very nice addition to an already great game.

King of Tokyo: Power Up!Power Up! adds a new monster to the base game, as well as a set of eight evolution cards for this new monster and all of the monsters from the base game. Like King of Tokyo, Power Up! was designed by Richard Garfield, that notoriously over-achieving game designer. Come on Garfield! Make something that sucks, just to be different. My friends still look at me with pity in their eyes because I have yet to play the newly refurbished version of Netrunner. But I digress…

Pandakai is the new monster. I’m not sure why this giant Kung-fu Panda is attacking Tokyo, but my wife and son think he’s cute. Pandakai comes with a stand up and a stats card like the original crew of monsters. I don’t think it adds much, but hey, extra monster, right?

The evolution cards do change things up a bit. Each monster has a set of eight cards that give that particular monster a new ability. Some of these abilities are permanent while others are temporary. These abilities are similar to those gained by the power cards that players can purchase with energy in the base game, but I like how it seems to make each monster unique. The evolution cards can be drawn when a player rolls three or more hearts, and this can happen even while a monster is in Tokyo. I like that as well, because it was frustrating to roll hearts while you were in Tokyo, since healing is not allowed.

King of Tokyo: Power Up! is available at your FLGS for half of the cost of what I have to pay to replace the water filter in my refrigerator. You might want to pick it up on International Tabletop Day and play it with some friends, along with other exciting games that end with exclamation points, like No Thanks!

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