Kickstarter for the Lazy Gamer

Fact: Many new board games are initially funded through Kickstarter

Since 2009, the crowdfunding company has successfully launched thousands of gaming projects. While some may question whether this has been good or bad for the gaming community, it is now commonplace for companies to gather funding and generate interest through Kickstarter. If you stay on top of the games being developed, you can get early or sometimes exclusive gaming content.

Problem: I am not good at staying on top of things like this

It’s not that I am genuinely lazy. I just have other stuff to do. I don’t want to check through the games being funded. It takes way too much time. I’ve got to do that thing, you know. I’m busy.

Solution: Get your friends to do this for you

When you create a profile for Kickstarter, you can follow the activity of your friends who are also on Kickstarter. You can also set up notifications so that once those friends back something on Kickstarter, you get a message. Presto! You now have access to a team of hard working analysts who look through all of the gaming projects and then send you an alert when they see something good. Luckily, I am friends with gamers who take this pretty seriously. Everyone I follow has backed at least a dozen games, and in one special case, has backed thousands. This system works great as long as you have friends who are less lazy than yourself. If you don’t then suck it up Henny Penny. You’re it.

Don’t forget to support your local game store

I’ve backed 18 projects so far, almost all of them gaming related, like Chris Handy‘s Pack O Games 2. I’ve had a really good experience with Kickstarter and I will continue to fund projects that I find interesting. However, the crowdfunding model often excludes local retailers. My friend Jennifer recently told me that some projects are creating special options for brick-and-mortar games stores. I just put in an order for a project through my FLGS, The Crazy Squirrel. Check and see if this is an option for the project. Everybody wins.

If you haven’t looked at the gaming projects on Kickstarter, I recommend that you do so. If you are interested in what I have backed, you can check out my profile. Are there any projects that you are super excited about right now? Leave a comment below or tweet me @gameguythinks.