Jackson’s Opus Magnum

21germangamesMy good friend, Mark Jackson, has completed his Kid Games 100, a compilation of 100 of the best games for kids or adults who have yet to lose their youthful enthusiasm. The list is available in two formats, as a geeklist, The Kid Games 100, on boardgamegeek.com, or as individual blog posts on his blog, aka pastor guy.

Mark has a rare gift. He never forgot how to play. He can sit down with a herd of four-year-olds and play a game with them and enjoy it for the same reasons that they do. He gets it. He groks kids and games.

Mark has been working on this for over a year, so go check it out, and give him some feedback. By the way, I titled this Jackson’s Opus Magnum instead of Jackson’s Magnum Opus, because as I understand it, one means a great work and the other means the great work. This is certainly a great work, but I imagine we can expect more great things from Mark Jackson.


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