Iron Man 2 Uno

Yes, seriously.

My wife asked me yesterday why I hadn’t been blogging as much, and I said that I hadn’t really played anything recently. She reminded me that we had just played Uno the day before. I said, “I can’t blog about Uno!” Well, why not?

I remember playing Uno in middle school, but until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t thought about the game in decades. It was just one of those games that I remember playing but never wanting to play again. We even had a beaten up copy in a drawer, but I can’t recall that we had ever played it. Someone must have, or it wouldn’t be beaten up!

I hadn’t thought about Uno until I listed to an episode of the Game Night Guys podcast. I don’t really know what to say about this podcast. For gamers, there’s really nothing that’s going to be of any interest to you; however, for some odd reason, I find these guys very amusing. Anyway, they did an episode on Uno, and I realized that I had played the game incorrectly when I was young. Who knew?

I picked up a copy with an Iron Man 2 theme that came in a nice tin. The Iron Man theme made it an instant hit with my son, and there’s even a special card type unique to the set that allows you to cancel an opponent’s play. I have to say that once we were playing with the correct rules, it’s not a bad game. Remember, Uno is a variant of Crazy Eights, so you are trying to get rid of your cards by playing matching cards the same type or of the same suit. Uno is the same but there are additional cards thrown in that force an opponent to skip their turn or draw cards. I was under the impression that if you couldn’t play a card, you had to draw cards until you could play, but that’s not right! If you cannot play a card or do not wish to play a card, you must draw a single card from the deck. If it is a playable card, you may play it immediately; otherwise, your turn is over. There’s even an actual scoring system where you accumulate points based on the cards that remain in your opponent’s hands. We always just played until someone got rid of all their cards. Oh, and you can’t play a wild draw 4 card unless you have no other legal play. Uno with actual rules? Go figure!

We’ve played it a few times in the last week, and I must admit that it does not suck. Go find that beat up copy in your drawer and actually read the rules. If you can’t find the rules, then you just do a search for them online. I’d toss up a link, but I’m too lazy.

Have fun, everybody.

4 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 Uno”

  1. I totally played that way when I was a kid too. Thanks for the link, btw. And why is it odd that you like our show??! 🙂

    Talk to you soon, man!

    1. It’s not odd to like your show, Mike. It’s just that it’s very different from the other gaming podcasts that I usually listen to. I usually hate listening to “actual game play,” but you guys make it entertaining somehow. I think I listened to the “War” episode twice! 🙂

  2. You know I had the exact same experience with the rules in a recent copy of uno that I bought.

    I’ve talked it over with several people who I know have never stopped playing uno over the years and I actually think they have changed the rules to make the game less punishing.

    I have not met a single person who wasn’t surprised by those rules. I need to dig up an old copy and see if the official rules have changed.

    Thanks for your blog. Love it.

  3. My family always played with an interesting house rule about Draw 2’s. If someone plays one on you, and you have a Draw 2 yourself, you can play it to pass it to the next person. I’ve seen a variant on that in recent years that brutally punished the person who didn’t have a Draw 2 – they had to draw the sum of all of the Draw 2’s (and Wild Draw 4’s) played in that series. It was horrible to watch.

    What is it about Uno that makes people ignore the rules and want to “improve” the game experience like that?

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