Imaginiff Board Game

Imagine if… Paris Hilton were a roadsign? What sign would she be… Children at Play or Bridge Out? Imaginiff is a great game about comparisons that allows you to get personal with your friends and family, while keeping it all in fun. Play begins with all players writing their names in one of the eight spaces on the game board with an erasable marker. If you have less than eight players, then you can include the name of someone that is not there, but it’s important that all players know that person fairly well. You can even use a fictional character like Harry Potter if you’d like. A die is rolled to determine who will be the subject of the imagine if… question, and then players choose one of the suggested answers. Players score a point if they choose the most popular answer.

The real trick of the game is to not only understand what people think of themselves and others, but to be able to anticipate how people will respond in the social setting of the game. Will someone really compare their spouse to a baboon, or with they go with the safer choice of the ring-tailed lemur? After game combat is always an entertaining option.

There is also a smaller version in a card-only format, Imaginiff Card Game, which seems like it would be great for travel, or just to try out the game at a lower price.

PUBLISHER: Buffalo Games
PLAYERS: 3 – 8 (6 – 8 is best.)
AGES: 12 and up. (I think you can go as low as 8.)
TIME: Medium [10 – 30 mins]
PRICE: Medium [$10 – $25]
Gameguy’s rating 1 star = don’t bother ~ 5 stars = must have

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