Halloween Party 2008

Last weekend we threw another small game party, this time with a spooky Halloween theme. Just like with our Pirate Party last month, we invited about sixteen friends, knowing that we would probably end up with a dozen or so. It’s tough to keep more than two or three games going at a time, and a dozen is just enough so that you can still have a chance to visit with everyone for a good amount of time.

I made some creepy looking zombie finger cookies and a jello-brain. We kept everything very simple. I also made some candy using those candy molds. They turned out great, but they took waaay too much time.

We played fewer games than I hoped we would, but we had a good time with what we did play.

Midnight Party – This is a great racing game that can accommodate up to eight players. We played with seven, and it was fast and very enjoyable.

Wicked Witches Way – This is a combination speed/memory/racing game where you have to quickly recognize the symbols on the dice and come up with the right cards so you can move your witch along the raceway. I didn’t play, but they were making a fair amount of noise, and my wife didn’t hate the game like she did the last time she played it. I figure that’s a victory in itself.

Fearsome Floors – This game is basically a race game as the winner is the first person to get most of his or her people out of the castle before the monster eats them. The monster moves according to a very basic formula. He looks for someone to eat, and then moves toward them. We had a good time with it, but it suffered from a combination of analysis paralysis and too many trips to get food and beverages from the kitchen. Next time I play, I will bring a timer.

Witch’s Brew – This is a wonderful card game where you win by gathering ingredients to brew potions. It’s a bluffing game at heart, and it gets better every time I play it.

Unspeakable Words – This was the final game of the evening, and the four of us remaining were pretty tired. It’s a card game where you make words and score points based on the number on angles in the letters. The only problem is that you have to roll your score or less on a twenty-sided die or you start to lose your mind. I managed to keep my sanity and take the win. We played with the optional rule saying that if you only have one sanity marker left, then any combination of letters make a valid word. I think I won with the word “hufrbo” since everyone else had lost their minds.

It was a great evening. Not only did we have fun and play some great games, but I also learned that a monk’s robe makes for extremely comfortable leisurewear.

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