Gathering Dust

It seems like there’s been a good deal of dust gathering in my skull lately, so I thought I would play around with some new ideas for making the writing/blogging process a bit easier. I’ve changed the site name back to Play2Relax, which is what this was all about anyway, and I’ve made gameguythinks a new category where I will put all of my thoughts and ramblings.

I even figured out how to make the cool gameguythinks logo only appear when the category is selected. Yeah me!

5 thoughts on “Gathering Dust”

  1. It’s just great to see your posts no matter what the blog title is. But I personally like the Play 2 Relax title, I find it fits better.

  2. Thanks Tim, and thanks for all of the great holiday deal notices on Buffalo GameBuffs Blog. I picked up copies of Sorry Sliders and Yahtzee Free for All. Great games!

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