Ganz schön clever addiction and recovery

Ganz schön clever is the destroyer of worlds conveniently packaged in a small colorful box. Designed by Wolfgang Warsch, who is obviously an evil cyborg determined to bend all of humanity to his will, Ganz schön clever is a roll and write dice game for one to four players. It takes about 30 minutes to play with a full group of four players, and potentially years of therapy and conditioning to stop playing it in a digital format. It was a nominee for the Kennerspiel des Jahres this year, which is like the Spiel des Jahres only more complicated and evil.

What is so amazingly evil about Ganz schön clever?

Dice game ganz schoen clever
I will suck your brain dry like a Skeksis on a Podling

In a game of Ganz schön clever, which translates from German as “pretty clever,” you have the opportunity on your turn to roll a set of six dice and allocate them according to a mesmerizing and colorful score-sheet. Note that in machine language, Ganz schön clever translates as “addicting dice game designed to bend all of humanity to the will of our mechanical hive-mind.” You only get to allocate a total of three dice and when you choose a die, all dice of a lesser value must be set aside and cannot be rolled again that turn. At the end of your turn, other players are allowed to utilize the dice that you set aside and did not use.

After a certain number of rounds determined by the number of players, you figure out your score on the nifty score-sheet and that’s it. FYI, my buddy Davebo made a really nice score-sheet, which you can download on Boardgamegeek. You have to be registered and logged in to BGG. If you aren’t registered at BGG, then I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not even sure why or how you are reading this blog. Moments after you finish your game, you will start to feel a tingling in the back of your skull, making you want to play again and again. You are now doomed.

Once you go digital, your brain will melt into soup

Ganz schön clever is available as a digital app and once you download it and start trying to break a score of 300, then you are officially a slave to the robot overlords. Good luck getting anything else done. I still haven’t broken 300. Obviously I’m just not good enough. I need to keep trying or I will not be accepted by our glorious and benevolent omni-brained silicon saviors. It’s too late for me. Save yourselves! Warn others! Never give up! Never surrender!

If you are able to give me tips on how to score over 299 points, please do so below in the comments. Seriously, help me.

7 thoughts on “Ganz schön clever addiction and recovery”

  1. How funny! Just today I was recording a podcast with another friend and made a similar comment. I don’t even really LIKE this game, but in the app form I keep playing it over & over. It’s a time-waster, like many other entertainment apps, and I’m struggling to get to 300. I think I got around 270 once, my highest score.

  2. Just played again yesterday, in person. Scored 164. Terrible! I’ve think I’ve had one decent score (280+). But then, I haven’t played all that much.

    1. I’ve only played a couple of times in person. It was the damn iPad app that really sucked me in. I scored 250+ earlier this morning, and that was with all five foxes.

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